Hi everybody !

Welcome to this second Edition of the Art Design Kompet (ADK) !

This is a Graphic Jam. You will have a couple of days to make a wallpaper respecting the theme and constraints.

Themes and constraints!

For this jam, the theme is :


And the constraints are :

  • Use squares
  • The squares must be parallel

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You can submit more than one project. For each one, make a new entry. Your wallpaper must be at least Full HD. Please, make sure you follow our rules.

Prize for the winner

As a prize, the winner will get an article on Bit-Studio.com about their wallpaper, including all pertinent information such as their website for example.


Entries will be ranked according to these criteria:

  • Global appreciation
  • Respect of the theme
  • Respect of the constraints
  • Beauty
  • Quality

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Art Design Kompet #2

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