For those who have never heard of epic music, is, for us, a music genre where it’s usually an epic orchestera, sometimes mixed with hybrids/electronics that give out great results. There are many channels like this, where the content creators make these kinds of musics, but the most popular one is called « Two Steps From Hell » , in shortened term, « TSFH » . To give you all needed information about this in case if you have never heard of it, it’s an american music band that was originally created in 2006. The composers of it are Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix.

These both musicans make one of the greatest music tracks on this channel, and for that, we’ll take a look at one of their most popular music tracks that are uploaded to YouTube:

Protectors of the earth

This one gives out the feeling that you’re one of the true warriors that are destined to bravely protect against the fearsome enemies, the beginning already gives out many imaginations to come, and fitting instruments to set up the tone just matches, along with beautiful choirs. However, there’s something bit missing, some parts feel bit down on so on giving exictment, if there could be bit more instrumental changes but still follows the tone greatly, this would have been even better. But i’m still going to say, that there’s a reason why this music track is popular, and that it’s that it’s very memorable and great.

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